“An old definition of a gentleman: Someone who is never rude, except on purpose.

Welcome. I am a young man, living in London surrounded by inspiration, possibility and adventure. A gentle man, lover of earl grey, Sondheim, Stevie Nicks, Angela Carter, philosophy the occasional Dirty Martini.

IMG_1159I feel overwhelming love. I believe it is never to late to live a dream. I try to see the truth. I cerate. I learn. I grow. I do. Like everybody else, I am lost – but always trying to find my way. This is a contribution to this vast comic ocean of cyberspace. My own vessel to express my thoughts and adventures as I journey on the path to healing, growing, discovering and understanding – it is my search for equanimity in this frantic world.

 This is the journal of a 25-year-old actor, singer, dancer, lover and explorer – along everything I hope to become, a poet, entrepreneur, playwright, artist, father…. The list will never stop growing. This is a playground, a forum to lean, explore, share, and expand our knowledge. 

 As Christopher Hitchen’s once said in his Preface for ‘Letters to a Young Contrarian’ better than I ever could – “Now its time to launch this little paper boat into the tide” or in case of these blogs, hundreds of little ‘boats’.

As I sail my stories into cyberspace, I will fill them with my adventures, my loves, my losses, my joys, my fight for what I believe is right, my passions, my path to understanding and enlightenment, and all the 44e7789e4f5214d679c79700502c3fd0lessons I am constantly learning. It is my wistful openhearted journey through life, as I grow older, wiser and ever more hopeful.

I hope at least one of these little boats, however lost it gets in the ocean, finds you. Be it a piece of inspirational wisdom from one of my hero’s, loved ones – or a thought, song or poem adrift the waves.

I am taking a flying leap into the unknown – I hope in some way you can learn from my discoveries, my rich tapestry of friends, and all the people I love and admire tat touch my soul. They are the voices that tell me to stand tall against the tyranny of the majority and believe in the power of my spirit. The voices that tell me to remain true to myself and always embrace my child like wonder and curiosity – or as Stevie Nicks so poetically puts it my ‘gypsy’.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

– Oscar Wilde “The Importance of Being Ernest

 Queries, suggestions and anything you would like to share should be sent to zachatagjournal1989@hotmail.com