“Peculiar Passing Moments…”

“Let the moment go.. Don’t forget it for a moment though”


“This too shall pass” an adage indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary. The phrase seems to have originated in the writings of the medieval Persian Sufi poets, and is often attached to a fable of a great king who is humbled by the simple words. It reminds me to savour every moment of happiness and know the moments of doubt and fear are just as fleeting as those wonderful moments… Those “peculiar passing moments”. Enjoy every step of your adventure, trying to understand and FEEL as much as your soul can bear along the way.

You have to find the treasure in your trials. “The journey” makes us who we are, it breaks who we are and remakes who we are. Try to express your truth through your journeys struggles and joys. Follow your happiness, it gives you power. It is the most important gift you could give anyone.

Live it, breathe it, love it, because it will Pass… All too quickly.

“Moments in the Woods” – Into the Woods, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim